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Orthotics can be a great option for everyone and especially athletes who put a lot of stress and strain on their weight-bearing joints. Over time, those joints can start to break down without the proper care. But if you're in the Woodbridge, CT area, our chiropractor at Core Chiropractic and Rehabilitation LLC can help you get the treatment and help your needs to Heal Better Today™! We know that good support can make a significant difference in pain reduction and quality of life.

Doctor fitting a foot with orthodics

Orthotics Provide Supportive Care

Both literally and figuratively, the most important thing to note about orthotics is that they provide a high level of supportive care for athletes and anyone living an active lifestyle with pressure on the joints and feet. Orthotics are designed to fit your feet in a way that supports arches, protects lower arches, and gives enough of a cushion while still offering a firm level of support and resistance. Whether you need custom options or something that's already produced, orthotics can give you additional help and comfort.

Orthotics to Improve Quality of Life

As they often spend much more of their time working at a high level, it's especially true for athletes that orthotics improve their quality of life. They deal a pounding to their joints more aggressively than most people, and they spend a lot of time on their feet. If you fall into this category, you may want to focus on options that can provide you with the quality and protective support to give you peace of mind and reduce your chances of pain, injury, and joint issues.

Protect Your Feet and Weight-Bearing Joints

Protecting your weight-bearing joints and keeping your feet safe from injury are two of the main things orthotics can do for you. Whether you're athletic or just on your feet a lot, working with a chiropractor is the right choice for orthotics because, by using a holistic approach, you can get the options you need and make sure everything from your spine to your toes has proper alignment. That will help you avoid both injuries and long-term health issues.

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At Core Chiropractic and Rehabilitation LLC, we want to help patients in and around the Woodbridge, CT area feel more comfortable, move more freely, a enjoy a better life. Quality orthotics combined with chiropractic care can provide additional help and support. We can cushion and support your weight-bearing joints and feet, so you can play a sport, work an active job, or engage in other types of activities with a reduced risk of injury and a higher level of comfort. Start to "Heal Better Today™"!